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Jonathan Barnett talks Gareth Bale’s lifestyle in Madrid


Jonathan Barnett has squashed of rumours depicting his client, Gareth Bale has a poor relationship with Real Madrid.

The player has also been bashed many times for his inability to speak the Spanish language which has led to his struggles in Spain.

However, the agent believes the reports are untrue and that he is “perfect” at speaking the language, branding journalists of making “complete idiots” of themselves.

“They don’t do their homework properly, not all journalist, but most – don’t do their homework properly. They don’t research it, they just copy each other and most of the time it’s complete rubbish,” he told TalkSport.


The relationship between the club and Bale has often not been fruitful and Barnett took the opportunity to address the issue.

He said, “Nothing bad has ever come out from Real Madrid about Gareth Bale. Zidane has never said anything really bad about Gareth Bale. But the press keep going on and on.

“So called experts come on to television and say, ‘the biggest problem with Gareth Bale is that he doesn’t speak Spanish and it’s a disgrace’. Those people have never met him, never asked anybody, and so I have no idea where they get this opinion.

“Gareth Bale speaks perfect Spanish. These so called experts make complete idiots of themselves. I also blame the TV companies for bringing these so-called experts on. How canan expert about Gareth Bale speak about Gareth Bale when they have never met him, it’s a joke.”

Barnett added: “The relationship with Real Madrid has always been good — I have the most fantastic relationship with the president, the chief executive, with Mr. Zidane. We have obviously said words with each other, but everyone has argument. It’s never been personal and it’s never been bad. We are professional and we are all on good speaking terms.”


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