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Real Madrid 2020-21 home kit LEAKED!


Real Madrid fans have been so impressed with the white and gold design, but that would not stay in the system for long, as the 2020/21 kit is set to come with a different design.

Home jersey for Real Madrid’s 2020/21 season will comprise of the club’s main traditional color – white, with other details and applications coming in a pink color.

Per the pictures acquired from the leak, there is a clear indication the shirt is going to be a simple one, aside the something of a camo pattern on the sleeves.

With their sponsorship contract ending in 2022, Fly Emirates is also confirmed to be the printing in front of the shirt but the logo will be replaced by ‘Fly Better’, with Emirates on top of it.

The collar which is based on the 1990s EQT style and comes in a V-Shape, has got a white color. The trademark stripes of adidas which runs down along the sides of the Madrid 2020/21 home kit will also come in pink.

The shorts of the Real Madrid 2020/21 home kit will be white with pink three stripes with Adidas’ logo coming in a somewhat navy color.

Kit was initially scheduled for a release in May, but with how far the coronavirus pandemic has stayed, a new release date is yet to be agreed on.

It will take a lot of convincing to get fans to purchase next season’s home jersey as much as they have with the previous fans.

But this design doesn’t look too awkward as many first thought.


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